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Feb 17

Moving In to Your New Place? The Apartment Essentials


Moving to our luxurious apartment community is a wonderful adventure. You will feel right at home in your new and gorgeous apartment, and there are many great things to see and do right near the community. However, if you are moving into your own place for the first time, you will want to have all the absolute essentials for your apartment. Here are a few tips.

  • Always store plenty of towels in your home. These are necessities that you should have on hand whenever you need them. You can use towels of varying sizes for the bathroom and kitchen. Having several is wise, not only for yourself but for any guests if you should ever have company staying over.
  • Keep an extra set of keys on hand in a safe place just in case you ever need them. You never know when you might lose your regular set of keys.
  • An emergency light source should also be readily available in case of a blackout or a blown fuse in the building.Candles, matches and flashlights are essential. You can even download a flashlight app on your smartphone.

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Jan 17

How to Get Your Dog to Stop Begging for Food


Although you may love your little four-legged friend, you may not be so amused when it comes to your dog begging for food.  This behavioral problem can be remedied with proper dog training, which should eliminate his whining and begging practices.

The first step is to stop acknowledging your pet’s presence. This involves not making eye contact.  When you ignore your pet by not making eye contact, you are effectively neutralizing his begging. When an owner pays attention to the begging, it only encourages more begging.

Next, pass the word to your family members, roommates, and friends that a begging dog is not acceptable at the dinner table. If they understand that no food is to be given and no attention is to be paid, the begging for food will eventually stop.

Train your dog to stay in an area away from the table. Keep reinforcing this training point until your pet understands your commands.

If for some reason your dog is just not getting it, then keep him in a crate until the meal is complete. Afterward, you let him out.

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Jan 17

Three Easy Changes to Increase Your Happiness at Home


While apartment living in a vibrant community is nice, everyone could benefit from some tips on staying happier at home. Making a few small changes often makes all the difference. You’ll be surprised at the big difference you can make with these small changes:

  1. Spend time and money displaying sentimental items that mean a lot to you. The positive memories associated with them will lead to more happiness in your life. You’ll find that remembering the experiences counts for a lot.
  2. Write down one thing that you’re thankful for each day. Gratitude is something that people often need to devote more time to. You can look back on these things when times are tough and you have difficulty remembering the good things.
  3. Find ways to make yourself enjoy more mundane tasks like listening to your favorite podcast or playlist. You’ll get through these chores more easily. It’s easy to overlook some of the small things like this that come with apartment living.

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Jan 17

5 Items in Your Apartment That Could Use a Cool Makeover

Redecorating does not have to be a complicated process. In fact, there are plenty of tiny changes you can make to your home in order to give it a completely new feel. Here are a few apartment living tips for small ways to give your home a makeover.

Soap dispensers. Changing your soap dispenser can give your bathroom new life. Find a cool or interesting dispenser that matches your decor and switch it up.


Find a trashcan that adds style with substance. Changing out your old trashcan for a more decorative model is a great way to make your space feel new.

A magnetic spice rack is a great way to organize your kitchen while breathing new life. These handy racks come with metal containers that allow you to store and display your spices for easy access.

Create your own charging station for your appliances and technology. These models keep power strips and wires hidden from view in a decorative way.

Furniture that doubles as storage space is a great investment. This is the perfect blend of style and utility coming together.

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Dec 16

5 Tips for Cooking In Your Apartment Without Making a Mess


Cooking can be a lot of fun, but it can also be messy. In order to help save yourself some preparation space, you want to be able to keep the mess down as much as possible.

Enjoy West Chester apartment living by using these 5 tips for cooking without making a mess.

  • Before you start making your meals, have a plan. Know what you are going to do before you begin.
  • Don’t start cooking unless your kitchen is already clean. When trying to cook in a messy kitchen it can be overwhelming and you will quickly add to the mess.
  • A great way to keep the mess to a minimum is to start by preparing your ingredients and tools. Gather everything you need for cooking before you start.
  • As you are preparing your food, gather the scrapes while you go. Have a bowl specifically for gathering your scrapes.
  • A sure way to keep your kitchen from getting messy is to clean while you cook. As you use dishes, wash them.

While West Chester apartment living, you can avoid making a mess while cooking by following these tips. You can get more tips for keeping things clean by contacting us at The Pointe at West Chester.

May 16

How to Create a Calming Design for Your Living Room

Life can be chaotic at times, but your apartment is a refuge from the busy hustle of your everyday routine. You can reflect this sense of calm in your living room by using these simple apartment design tips:

calming apartment decorating tips
Traditional Bedroom by Dallas Interior Designers & Decorators RSVP Design Services via Houzz 
  • Soft, neutral colors may not be to everyone’s taste, but they can certainly create a soothing atmosphere. Try light hues with cool undertones. Beige is a good choice for the main color. Add subtle pops of color around the room to prevent monotony.
  • Clutter causes anxiety, so make sure everything has a place. A soothing room should have a minimalist feel.
  • Any reminders of responsibility outside the home, such as work or school related items, should be placed out of sight.
  • Avoid items with hard, sharp edges in your apartment design when possible. Curtains instead of blinds or an oval coffee table can help you feel calm and comfortable.
  • Lighting is a wonderful way to set the mood of your living room. Use layered lighting by using a combination of task, accent, and general lighting fixtures.

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May 16

3 Fun and Free Games to Play at Your Next Get Together

dice-1264058_640 (1)

Hosting game night is a fun way to get together with friends for lots of laughs and good times. Check out these hilarious games to play the next time you have your friends over.

Poetry Balderdash is easy to play with the aid of the internet. One person looks up a poem online and reads the first three lines to the group then writes down the real fourth line. The other players write down fake fourth lines. Reads the lines aloud so everyone can guess which is the real line.

Get to know your friends on a deeper level with a game of loaded questions. Everyone writes down a question on paper, folds it up, and tosses it into a hat. One player picks a question, reads it, and everyone writes down their answers. Mix them up then guess who wrote which answer.

Drawing with friends always ends in laughter. One person names an animal and then gives everyone five or ten seconds to draw their version. Afterward the person who called the animal judges which is the best drawing.

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Apr 16

Don’t Be The Noisy Neighbor: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Noise Down


No one wants to live with noisy neighbors – nor do they want to irritate the neighbors with their own noise. Here are three apartment living tips for keeping noise levels in your home to a minimum:

  • If you must make noise, keep the time of day in mind. There are times of day when noise is more acceptable. Early in the morning and late at night, however, are not good times to make a lot of racket.
  • Your downstairs neighbors would likely appreciate it if you kept noisy shoes by the front door to your apartment, rather than wearing them while walking through your home. Doing this will preparing for work in the morning, for example, is a good idea.
  • If noise is inevitable in your apartment, look for ways to mask it. For instance, putting bookcases along the walls will help to absorb the sound, as will wall hangings and tapestries. Hanging heavy, noise-cancelling curtains will help keep noise escape through the windows. You may also want to consider listening to music and watching loud movies or TV shows while your windows are closed.
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    Apr 16

    Safety Tips for Your Dog This Summer


    It’s about to start getting warm and your pup is going to want to play a lot outside. Here are some tips to keep your dogs safe in the summer months when they are outside.

    • Make sure you keep your dog hydrated. Dogs can get dehydrated very quickly in the hot summer months, and this can lead to more health problems. So give them plenty of water!
    • Overheating can be a major problem with dogs. The major signs are your dog being sluggish, panting hard, seizure, vomiting, and falling over. Call your vet immediately if your dog exhibits any of these signs. On the way to the vet, cool your dog with cool towels and give him ice chips to chew.
    • To prevent overheating, make sure to never leave your dog in the car alone, give them shade and water, and avoid strenuous exercise outside of your pet friendly apartments in Alpharetta, GA.
    • You can also put sunscreen on your dog’s nose and ears to prevent burning.

    Get your dog outside of your apartment—just remember these tips!

    Mar 16

    5 Entryway Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier


    Are you thinking of renting an apartment in West Chester? You are sure to enjoy living at The Pointe at West Chester. We offer spacious floor plans, complete with an entryway in each one. Here are five entryway ideas that are both stylish and practical.

    • Use Double-Duty Furniture: A bench with a shelf creates a spot for shoes, while a table can double as a desk and storage solution.
    • Combine a Shelf with Hooks: Purchase a shelf with hooks or stick self-adhesive hooks to another shelf to create a spot for jackets and accessories.
    • Lay Down a Rug: You want to use a durable but stylish rug. It can withstand snow, mud and other debris, but it looks great with your interior.
    • Personalized Bins: Use small storage bins with labels to give everyone a spot for their outdoor accessories.
    • Change Jar: Place a change jar on the shelf or table near the entryway. Use it for unloading spare change or to tip delivery drivers when you decide to order food.

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